Kick Off-First Post!

It’s here! June 1 is finally here. Today is the day I go on my first adventure for TP the Town!!

It’s taken a bit of planning and coordination to pull my summer calendar together…And I’m not even done planning for the month of June. But since this idea was conceived back in April, I’ve been doing some preliminary planning. I’ve been snagging my parents copy of the Peoria Journal Star to check out their events calendar, surfing (do people still use that word to describe “browsing” the interwebs?) local website to gather more info and asking around for ideas of things to do around Central Illinois. This was all compiled in a note on my iPhone until it was finally time to put together a calendar and decide what activity I’m going to do each day.

This was a messy task–the little boxes on my Microsoft Publisher calendar couldn’t hold all of the information (especially on Wednesdays, that seems to be a popular night of the week.)

See what I mean about Wednesdays? What is that about?

Anyway, once I had a pretty good start on what the month of June would look like for TP the Town, I bit the bullet and bought a URL using WordPress! I mean, I wanted this endeavor to be legit! Currently I’m waiting on my dear pal, Derek, over at Gainlight Studios to hook me up with a logo graphic to spice up the look of my site.

And once that is finished, you can expect to see some sweet TP the Town stickers to help promote the site! Until then you will have to deal with my no-so-fancy WordPress “theme.”  I’ll do my best to learn HTML and CSS to make this look prettier–or recruit some free labor to help give my site more of a design. Or if YOU want to help, post a comment!

Well I guess it’s about that time for me to go on my first adventure. You can expect to hear about it at some point tomorrow–extra points if I post before noon! See you later, Peoria.


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  1. Looks like you are going to be busy! Can’t wait to live a midwestern summer vicariously through my favorite P-town girl!!!

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