The Spotted Cow–6/2/11

Yesterday I had intentions of hitting up this really cute old school drive-in for lunch, but since I live in a city with bi-polar weather and it downpours periodically, I had to take my lunch plans in doors (I fully intend to go to the drive-in at some point this summer). Two of my coworkers and I grabbed lunch and a little treat at The Spotted Cow in Peoria.

See? It was so rainy that you couldn’t see the Spotted Cow sign from our car.

There! Much better.

Anyway, Rose, Emily and I took about a 10 minute drive from our office to the one and only Spotted Cow.  Originally the Spotted Cow was just an awesome ice cream shop, it is now a full service restaurant.  The menu has everything from burgers to Italian beef to chicken salad. You place your order at the counter and wait for your food at one of the many black and white tables scattered throughout. The decor is all out cows–that makes sense though, right? And since cows are a personal favorite animal of mine, I felt right at home.

Did you notice the totally rad cows all over the place? Emily even landed us a historic table:

OMG!! I ate a hot dog at the same place Vice President Joe Biden ate ice cream last year!! (Who knew Peoria and the Spotted Cow were so historical?!)  For lunch, Emily and I ordered chili cheese dogs with fries and a root beer (apparently Emily and I only eat the same things) and Rose got the “Blu  Burger.”  While Emily and I agreed that our lunch was, Rose wasn’t in love with her burger.

All was not lost though.  I mean, we were at an ice creamery and it was time for dessert.  This is another one of those times in which I was way more excited about eating dessert than I was about eating my lunch. I ordered one scoop of my favorite go-to-and-not-too-exciting ice cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in a sugar cone, Emily got a scoop of “Peach Moo-Berry” frozen yogurt in a cup and Rose got a scoop of the “Holstein Delight” (which is basically a mixed bag of a bunch of flavors all rolled up into sounded gross to me, but Rose loved it!!) in a cup. The Spotted Cow’s ice cream menu has classic flavors like mint chocolate chip as well as the no-longer-available-but-hilarious Aaron Schock-o-latte.

Aren’t my tiny little sausage fingers so funny-looking?

After we finished off our treats, it was time for us to head back to the office–our tummies full and sugar flowing through our veins.

The ice cream was the highlight of our trip to the Spotted Cow…while they have a full lunch and dinner menu, ice cream is definitely their strong suit.

I’m looking forward to what’s on the agenda for tonight–come back tomorrow to find out what I did!


Psst!! Here’s a cost break down from the Spotted Cow:

Chili cheese dog w/fries and a soda: $6.05

1 Scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone: $2.90

Total: $8.95

One comment

  1. I love how such a rainy day can look so sunny on the inside!
    Goes to show you that you can’t let the weather bring you down!!

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