Brown Bag It at the Courthouse–6/6/11

Even though it was absolutely sweltering out yesterday, 2 of my coworkers and I braved the noon hour heat to catch some local music down at the courthouse for the bi-weekly Brown Bag It. Brown Bag It happens every Monday and Wednesday throughout the summer from 11:30am to 1:00pm.  Local artists perform outside of the courthouse in downtown Peoria during the lunch hour.

JD, Rose and I brought our own lunches and found a spot in the shade to enjoy a local 2 piece cover band.

Besides the insane heat, we loved getting out of the office to catch some tunes. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name of the sweet artists, but they mentioned that they will play again for Brown Bag It in August. They played some awesome hits like the Eagle’s “Tequila Sunrise” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.”  Not only did I love the music, but I’m sure my dad would too. Which reminds me, it didn’t seem like a ton of young people came out to catch the music–which really bummed me out. It seemed like it was mostly Caterpillar employees.

I wish I had something funnier to write about Brown Bag It. I think it probably would have been more fun with more people–not that Rose and JD aren’t my favorite people–but I would have loved to bring a big group down with me and spend more than 30 minutes hanging out. I’m interested in knowing what other bands perform during the week and possibly busting out some really sweet moves during their set.

I’m now off to do my TP the Town duty for today/tonight–this one will have 2 special guests! Eek!


Pssstt! Costs? Yep, there were none. It was all f-r-e-e.

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  1. Ummmm did Rose and JD intentionally wear green so that could match the South Side Bank sign that JD is holding? Ok so he really isn’t holding the sign but it looks like it! Love the blog!

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