Oakwood Dog Park in Morton–6/7/11

The name of this post should actually be “terrible dog photos.”  But, instead I will write about my absolutely hilarious and fun trip to the dog park with my BFF, Jess,  her dog Remmy and my dog Barney. I decided to pick up Jess in East Peoria because that made the most sense to meet between our homes.

On the way to get Jess and Remmy, Barn (I call him lots of different names) did a really great job of riding in the back of my car. He sat for most of the time looking like a chicken…

I tried to get a good picture…but again I say, dogs (Barn especially) can’t sit still enough to get a good picture..

I’m sure it was really safe that I took so many pictures while I was driving.

Anyway, after getting Jess and Rem we drove about 15-20 minutes to the oh-so-confusing town of Morton. Remmy did such a great job of riding in the back.

After driving down a few country roads, we made it to Oakwood Park.

Barney and Remmy couldn’t wait to get out of the car. We walked down the long entrance gate, shoot-thing to get into the “large dog” part of the park–even though Remmy is anything but large.

As soon as we got through the gate, Barney took off running. Once he made a lap around the park, he came back and was not interested in any other dogs at all.  All he wanted to do was play frisbee with me.

Remmy, however was way more social.

So social, in fact, that he got mauled by some big huge dogs and Jess had to swoop in for a rescue.

Of course our dogs were super tired, thank goodness this dog park provided a little doggie drinking fountain.

After the dogs cooled off, we decided to take them on a walk–the bugs in the dog park were out of control. We took a leisurely stroll around Oakwood Park and called it a day. But first we had to get a quick picture of us with our pups…and of course that’s never easy.

The last picture was about as good as it was going to get.

The Oakwood Dog Park in Morton was my first dog park experience. I liked that it had separate areas for the large and small dogs–even though we didn’t take advantage of that. The doggie water fountain was a little gross, but appreciated.  There was a lot of area for our dogs to run and it was super shady, which made braving the heat much more manageable. Barn and Rem were a little dirty when they got back into my car, but I think it was totally worth it.

I can’t wait to check out the other dog parks in the area and hopefully head back to Morton (if I can find it again!).

Good night Peoria!


Pssst! F-R-E-E fun again!

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