Peoria Municipal Band–6/8/11

Since gas prices are through the roof and I felt like I spent a lot of money on food last week, this week I’ve been trying to find some good free fun. Cheap doesn’t even cut it, it has to be free. So last night I thought it would be fun to head out to Glen Oak Park to watch the Peoria Municipal Band. The bands plays every Sunday and Wednesday night at 7:30–usually at Glen Oak Park….except last night.

I guess the Muni Band is mixing things up this year and we missed the location change. No problem–the Peoria Riverfront is lovely. While there is a “large free parking lot” we didn’t know that we had to bring our own chairs and all we had was  a little blanket to sit on. So we improvised and sat on the hood of my car.

I had my friend, Ryan, join me–he’s big into music so I thought he would be a fun companion.

As soon as we got settled on my car and got ready to listen to the band a giant train came barreling through the Riverfront and interrupted the show…which initially didn’t bother us because the guest singer with the band was giving a not-so-brief synopsis of the song she was about to sing and we wanted her to stop.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMP! Here comes the train.

The drummer of the band took it upon himself to play the beat of chattanooga choo choo. Once the train passed the show continued.

It was especially fun when the conductor (Bradley’s very own, Dr. David Vroman) got the crowd involved in songs–with whistling, singing lalalalala, clapping and even polka-ing. It also felt super nice and cool down near the river and was beautiful as the sun was setting…and the lights from the businesses on Water Street really lit up.

The band concluded with the ever popular, America the Beautiful… made me feel patriotic.

We had a great time listening to the band and spending time on the Riverfront.  I want to go back and listen to the band at Glen Oak Park again this summer, but I’ll definitely come back when they play on the Riverfront again–both Kelleher’s Irish Pub and Rhodell’s served food and beverages throughout the performance (although we were happy with our spot on top of my car)… I guess I’ll remember to bring my folding chairs next time.

Tomorrow I am heading out of town, so I’ll be sure to post what I did tonight as well as give you some suggestions for things to do here in Peoria–I’ll be kicking it in STL for a bachelorette party!

Later, Peoria.


Pssst! The Municipal Band was FREE!

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