Peoria Chiefs Game–6/9/11

Ok–truthfully, last night I was burnt out. I wasn’t pumped about coming home from work just to turn around and go back out and hit the town. I came THISCLOSE to bailing, but I’m committed to this blog, so I sucked it up and headed out to the Peoria Chiefs Game last night with my BFF Jess, her husband Jim and her cousin Ellie. The Chiefs are the Cubs minor league baseball farm team. They play at O’Brien field in downtown Peoria (also where the Bradley Braves baseball team plays).

Nights like last night are exactly why I love this blog and I love my friends.  Bonus–Jess hooked us all up with free tickets to a Thirsty Thursday promo night with the Chiefs.

We had awesome seats–right behind home plate. Which heightened my anxiety of being slammed in the face with a fly-ball, but I drank some beer and got over it.

Speaking of beer, did I mention that it was Thirsty Thursday? $2 beers! I guess Jim was my pseudo boyfriend last night because he bought all of our rounds–what a guy! I should mention that it was also Irish Night–more people were decked out in green than normal. Including Homer, the Chiefs mascot. Irish dancers from the Flynn School of Irish Dancing in Peoria were also featured.

Per usual, there were tons of give aways and awesome people watching.

Surprisingly, that last picture was NOT staged–I’m just really good at catching people in the “moment.”

And while I snuck off to the bathroom, Ellie and Jess had a quick little photo sesh…

And of course, I had to get a picture of the whole group before we headed out.

So around the 4th or 5th inning, it looked like a storm was brewing and temperatures started to drop. It was FREEZING…and by freezing I mean, it got below 75 degrees and I became a giant baby and I was ready to go. (Maybe I should have dressed warmer?) But we weren’t ready to go home, so instead we went to Jess and Jim’s favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Jimadore’s in north Peoria for some bomb Mexican food…annnnd a 32 ounce margarita. (Getting up and coming into work today was torture…to say the least. My brain is still pounding against my skull…but completely worth it.)

In conclusion, I had a wonderful time at the Chiefs game. I want to go back on cheap hot dog night! Oh! And unfortunately the Chiefs lost last night to the West Michigan Whitecaps 3-1. I’m really started to get miffed at Michigan for various reasons–one being that they beat the Chiefs and the others pertaining to Michigan being a friend stealer.

I digress. Wasn’t I supposed to be closing up this post? Yep. So I’ll be posting at some point tomorrow about my super fun trip this afternoon. Tonight I’m heading to STL to see all of my long lost friends so we’ll be TP-ing St. Louie this weekend. Excitement!

Take care.


Psst! My night at the Chiefs game was free because I have awesome friends–but if I did have to pay for something this is what it would cost:

Box Seats: $10

Lawn Seats: $7

Beer: $2

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