Running Central–6/10/11

I’m back! I am alive and well–which is shocking…I’m also super behind on posting, so here we go!

On Friday afternoon, a few people I work with (I guess you could call them my friends :)) and I went over to Running Central to get our feet examined and talk to the running experts about the best shoes for our feet. Maybe I should give some info on Running Central–first, it’s awesome, it’s local, they have TONS of running garb and the employees are the…some of the nicest people on the planet.

Since there were kind of a lot of us in our group and we went over the lunch hour, Rose and I were the only ones who got the royal treatment while our friends watched with jealously dripping from their pores.

Anyway, Rose and I got one on one attention from two running experts: Jeffrey and Trevor. They had us take off our shoes and socks and gave us high performance socks to try on throughout the entire experience. Apparently these socks have super powers–they also are not made of cotton–why? Because cotton is rotten. Or so Jeffrey and Trevor say.

Then, one at a time we stood on this thing that looked like a high-tech scale and let the computer examine our feet.

Then we each got an explanation of our feet and how we carry our weight and if we’re flat footed or have high arches..among other things. This helps our experts choose the best shoes for us.

(Rose has high arches…I think?)

I have flat feet…similar to Fred Flinstone.

Then Jeffrey and Trevor wanted to watch me and Rose walk–primarily to determine if our ankles roll in or out when we walk.

The last step was to get our feet measured to determine what size shoe we would wear.

Rose was mortified to find out that her feet are actually bigger than she thought. But finally it was time for Jeffrey and Trevor to go to the wall of shoes and pick out the best pair for me and Rose!

They even helped us try our new kicks on.

Yeah! He found pink ones for me! Then we strolled around the store to see how our shoes fit. (I didn’t get a photo of this for whatever reason–just imagine me walking around with these shoes on–that’s pretty much how it went down)

Although we spent nearly an hour in Running Central, I’m not a runner so I decided not to purchase running shoes–Rose, however, splurged for a new pair! We loved that Trevor and Jeffrey gave us a ton of options–and the ones Rose bought only ended up being $60! We all thought that was a steal!

And Allison got some sweet new running gear:

Jared and JD were great sports considering this trip was the Rose and Tina Show.

Then it was time for us to go–but first we had to get our picture taken outside of Running Central by the mural on the side of their building.

We all look kind of awkward, don’t we? Cool.

In conclusion, we had an awesome experience at Running Central. The owner even chatted it up with us for a bit and that made me feel pretty VIP. It was really fun learning more about my feet and I realize that I would probably appreciate Running Central so much more if I was a runner. But everyone still made me feel super welcome. Maybe I’ll take up running as a new hobby so I’ll have an excuse to go back?

Also, don’t forget that cotton is rotten!!!

And a huge THANK YOU!! to Jeffrey and Trevor–you guys were super awesome and you totally deserve a raise or something for smelling our feet and dealing with us 😉

Sorry I’ve been behind–I’ll be back on track this week. Keep your eyes open for another post coming up soon from a guest blogger–ooooh!

Good night, Peoria.


Psst! Another free “event” yes! 

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