Hip Hop Aerobics at Body Fitness–6/14/11

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been eating my way through this blog–so I decided to nix that habit and get my blood pumping. Luckily, my friend Rose (yes, the same Rose who has made several guest appearances throughout this blog) is an aerobics instructor at Body Fitness in Peoria! Rose had mentioned to some of us at our office that we should come to her class so I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to bust some moves (I’ve got sweet rhythm…you should see me at weddings) and break a sweat. I knew my girl Emily would also be up for the challenge…and I say challenge because word on the street was that we may or may not have needed to know how to pop-n-lock it.

Since Rose only teaches this class every other Tuesday, I know I didn’t have a ton of opportunities to attend…so we went last night after work. Body Fitness is only about 10 minutes away from where we work and is in a fairly central location in Peoria. Easy access, folks!

When I walked in, I didn’t know what to expect–I guess I was thinking it was going to be more of a dance studio than it was a gym. I was mistaken. This gym is a little smaller than what I’m used to (I’m looking at you, RiverPlex) but it was super clean and had a ton of awesome machines. Basically this little gym packs a huge punch.

(sorry that’s not the world’s most clear photo ever taken)

So we headed to the back of gym to the dance studio.

Holy wide open spaces! I wanted to do cartwheels and backflips and spin in circles–I refrained because there were people there who didn’t know me and I didn’t want to scare them off.

So Emily and I explored the studio while Rose got set up for her class…through our exploring we learned that the Jonas Brothers used Body Fitness’s gym to practice a few time–WHAT!? Did Rose know that I secretly love the JoBros????

Since I knew my BF Joe Jonas was watching over me, I knew I had to dance my absolute BEST!

Anyway, back to the blog–Rose was busy getting her headset ready…

Notice her sweet kicks? Yep, those are her new shoes from Running Central!!

Right before Rose was all ready, Emily and I got a pre-workout pic.

So that was the last picture of the evening. I didn’t take pictures throughout the workout because that would be really weird. Just imagine me out of breath with awesome sweaty hair and Emily with a beat red face :). Rose did a fantastic job of quickly teaching us some dance moves for each of the songs while also incorporating tons of cardio moves. My favorite dance track was California Gurls by Katy Perry and my other favorite was the arms track–I don’t remember what the song was because my arms were ON FIRE the entire time and I was too focused on how much pain I was in.

Rose definitely kicked my butt last night–literally, my bum was feeling tight and sore this morning!

Emily and I both really enjoyed our visit to Body Fitness. I really like that they have so many different types of workout classes that are dance focused–I think that’s really different from what other gyms in the area offer. We talked about coming back to take Rose’s class again which I could definitely use this summer!

A huge thank you to Rose for being an awesome instructor and just a pretty sweet person overall!

I’m excited about tonight’s activity–nope, I haven’t even TP’d the Town yet! Lunar eclipse, here I come!

See ya, dudes!


Psst! Em and I got a comp pass for the class… but if anyone wanted to take the class it $10 (SO WORTH IT!!)

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