Leaves-n-Beans Roasting Co–6/16/11

My schedule has been changing so much that it’s hard for me to stay focused–and since this blog is important to me, I try to incorporate it into my daily life without letting it take over. Last night is a great example…My bible study took a little detour to Leaves-n-Beans Roasting Co in Peoria Heights before our session.

I hadn’t been to L-n-B in about 10,000 years and since I don’t really drink coffee, I didn’t have a reason to go…of course my opinion has now changed. I mean, talk about charming.

I had to get a couple pictures of the place before I browsed the drink menu.

What other place do you know that has a giant painted oak tree with little nests full of happiness, I mean cups of coffee and tea?

A cozy fireplace and giant bags of coffee beans? Swoon!

We made our way through the little coffee/tea house up to the counter to place our orders…but first Monique stopped for a handful of peanut M&M’s.

If you were curious, Tina is checking to see if she has some cash in her back pocket–you pervs.

The menu was pretty big…lots of choices, even for us non-coffee drinkers.

But they also had a little pour-your-own station..

My strawberry fruit smoothie was awesome…I got a small and I felt like it was huge–I couldn’t finish it all. Allison got an iced coffee and sucked it all down by the time bible study was over.

And if you wanted to know what I look like while drinking a smoothie and taking a picture, here you go:

And as a tradition here on TP the Town, I got a group shot of my fellow TP-ers outside the local establishment.

Allison was working on her supermodel pose in this picture…and I clearly missed the purple memo.

Leaves-n-Beans had a great atmosphere–I could see myself going there to do some homework (except that I’m done with school) or catch up with an old friend. I really need to become a coffee drinker and these trips to places like L-n-B and Joe’s won’t be so weird for me.

So I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to be doing tonight–there are a few ideas up in the air. But I know for sure that tomorrow I will be at the Steamboat race! I’m so pumped about it…minus the being-at-the-race-at-6:45am-on-a-Saturday part. It will be worth it.

Have a great weekend!


Psst! I actually spent money last night:

Small strawberry fruit smoothie: $3.50












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