Cyd’s Burgers on the Boardwalk–6/22/11

Who is the worst/laziest blogger? ME! I AM! I picked things back up last night by heading to Cyd’s for Burgers on the Boardwalk. Cyd’s is a local gourmet cafe–a definite favorite in my office–and they offer a build-your-own burger “special” every Wednesday night from 5 to 9pm.  Since I’ve been mooching off my parents any time I write about food for this blog, I decided it was time for me to give back–I took Mike and Linda out to dinner at Cyd’s for burgers! Favorite Daughter Badge.

It was a little rainy last night, so we didn’t eat on the boardwalk–which was totally fine because Cyd’s has a great atmosphere inside as well as a live local musician. I almost had a panic attack when we walked in because it was PACKED. And since everything you order at Cyd’s is freshly made, you wait quite awhile for your food–so I knew we’d be waiting a hot minute to get seated.

Lucky us, they opened the back “banquet room” which offered more seating…so we headed back and picked our own table. After a few minutes of waiting, we ordered our drinks… water is served in cute little mason jars…and my parents soda’s came out in mason jars too–but with really fun gray and white striped straws. I was a total bad ass and ordered Stella Artios–in a can…classy.

 And then we browsed the burger inspiration sheet and marked our selections.. I ordered the veggie burger with pepperjack cheese, avocado and chipotle mayo, my mom got the chicken burger (which is ground up chicken with parmesan) with feta, avocado, onion, lettuce and sun dried tomatoes, and my dad got the secret agent (which is beef ground up with bacon–this summer’s special) with onion, provolone, tomatoes and mayo…and we all split some sweet potato fries.

So we chatted and solved the world’s problems while we waited for our food.

Finally–the big moment came–a secret agent even delivered our food–complete with a creepy mustache and a top hat! (I didn’t catch a photo of him…sorry!)

YUM!!! These burgers were…. yes, you guessed it… the  We continued to chat and enjoy our beef/chicken/veggie patties. I liked that we all tried something different…and what I love even more about Burgers on the B-walk is that I can come back and try a bunch of other different combinations of toppings on different kinds of patties!

We thought about desserts…but apparently the mix of hearty food and hearty beer made me tired.

So I got the bill…which came out on a super cool clipboard.

I paid…and we peaced out. But first, we swung by the baked goods to view the selection–while tempting, we left empty handed.

Cyd’s has never let me down and didn’t let me down this time. While you may have to pay a little more for local gourmet quality, it’s definitely worth it. I also love that Cyd’s also sells other really fun/cute boutiquey type  treasures…like a shirt that says “Made in the Midwest” or an old fashioned egg timer or decorative napkins.

I liked taking my parents out for once–maybe I’ll make a better habit of it!

And now that I’m back in business, I’ll be posting more regularly again–for those of you who check back regularly (Margo, I think you’re the only one :))

See ya!


Psst! This one was kind of expensive (for me at least!):

My mom’s burger: $8.25

My dad’s burger: $7.75

My burger: $8.75

Side of fries: $3.00

2 Diet Cokes: $3.00

1 Stella: $2.75

Total: $33.50 (plus tax and a tip)




  1. I check in alot and was hoping you didn’t give up on your web-site. Love it and love seeing pics of your folks. Keep up the good work

  2. Thank you! I’ve been checking every day and have been perpetually bummed. At least you have a fan!

  3. Those burgers sounded delicious! Come into metamora this week for diddley’s food and some mini golf. Oh, and more posts please!

  4. Just because I’m half a country away doesn’t mean I’m not a fan! I stop by about every other day to get a good Midwestern fix!!! Give yourself some credit girl, you’ve got fans!

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