Old Settlers & Other Places in Metamora–6/25/11

So..um..this is getting posted about a week late. Sorry guys. I hope you forgive me…and if you don’t it doesn’t really matter because I’m posting anyway.

So last week I hit up the festival (of course) in my hometown of Metamora…Old Settler’s Days!! It was super rainy and gross out.  Seeing all of the rides and tents standing in the rain made it a little sad.

Doesn’t that Cotton Candy stand look so sad and unmagical all dark and wet looking?

Anyway, we headed straight over to St. Mary’s food tent to grab some dinner.

I went the healthy route and got a tenderloin with cheese fries and a Diet Coke.

That is some serious festival food. And it tasted like magic! The only problem was finding a dry table for us to sit at…we found a cozy one between the housewives of Metamora (one was my old babysitter from the 90’s) and part of MTHS’s incoming freshman class (the braces and Aeropostle clothing gave their age away). Very entertaining either way you look at it.

My friends Jeff and Lindsey wanted some pie…so they each got a piece (Linds got apple and Jeff got cherry…I think) and I picked up a piece of rhubarb pie for my mom.

(Jeff LOVES getting his picture taken)

(So does Linds :))

After we ate we quickly walked around the square to see the booths–although most of the vendors were packing up. Of course we had to get a picture of old Abe!

We handled the rain for about 2.5 seconds and did what everyone in a small town does when there’s nothing else to do….go to the bar. We were lucky enough to catch the Scoreboard on it’s last night in operation.

And of course there was a band..

But shoot we were bored with the Scoreboard…it was too loud and the crowd seemed too old. Off to Home Turf!

Ahhh…much better! We were able to find a table, the beer was cheaper and I put 5 bucks in the jukebox… a mix of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jason Aldean, Fall Out Boy and Alkaline Trio played throughout the bar. (Yea, I choose that mix of jams..judge me)

After a couple rounds, we headed out to SUE’S PLACE–my favorite spot in Metamora.

At Sue’s there was even cheaper beer, more old high school friends and shuffleboard! Look at us just tossing money at the bartender…

This is pretty much the best group ever..

After Schertz and I dominated at shuffleboard, we walked alllll the way back through town to hit up Barbie’s…the final destination of a festival turned bar crawl! (This blog is making it look like I drink a lot…I don’t really…I mean, it all depends on your perspective…why am I trying to justify myself to you?)

Anyway, Barbie’s was hoppin’…. they even had karaoke and you know how Linds loves karaoke! Plus the DJ had lots of fun hats!

(I love the Angels–actually I love Santa Ana so therefore I also love the Angels)

I wish I remembered what Lindsey sang…I’m going to guess it was a show tune.

I think at this point it was about time for us to head back home… and I have no more pictures which means I have nothing else to write about. Oh and btw, I didn’t have my regular camera on this night so all of these photos were taken with my iPhone…not too shabby.

Anyway, I need a break from bars and festivals… I’ve got some other really fun stuff on deck for this week…yes, I actually planned out the next week so I won’t be such a slacker!

Happy 4th Peoria!


Pssst!  I honestly have no idea how much I spent… it was a lot since I bank rolled Linds.

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