Ludy’s & Princeville Fireworks–7/3/11

I hope you get comfortable because this next post is a long one.

Apparently in my friend Jessica’s household it’s a tradition to hit up Ludy’s in Kickapoo before heading to the Princeville fireworks. I had planned on writing about Ludy’s at some point this summer and had never heard about the Princeville fireworks, so I tagged along. (I’m really great at being the 3rd wheel…although in this case I was like the 19th wheel.)

So off we go to Kickapoo (it was located right next to Hurlaturd, heh….. It was a joke.)

And we seated ourselves in the back room because there wasn’t enough room at the inn..I mean, in the main part of the burger joint.

After we did a little furniture rearranging, we were able to get our army of people at one long table. We quickly made our dinner and drink selections… I got a plain cheeseburger and shared a bucket of beer with Jim and Jess… the whole table shared a few baskets of fries……and then watched the boys play pool and Duck Hunt…or whatever the 21st century version of that is.

I loved getting my ice cold beer in a bucket.

And then finally my food! Most people at the table had a date to split their food with–they would get the burger and the tenderloin and share because according to our waitress, Mary, they are both the

Here is my dinner:

And here is half of Jim’s tenderloin:

For those who tried both the tenderloin AND the burger, it seemed as though they thought the tenderloin was better…I had a burger to myself and only had a bite of the tenderloin and thought the burger was better–it was a fat, juicy patty and sooo good. I would probably recommend going with the burger for your first visit to Ludy’s.

Did we stop at dinner? Of course not! I think I forgot to mention that it was JIM’S BIRTHDAY yesterday….and Jess brought a funfetti cake (my favorite kind of cake) for everyone to enjoy…. so we sang happy birthday and took a celebratory lunchbox shot.

Hell yes! Happy birthday Jim! (the picture above isn’t Jim…but the one of the guy by the cake is)

Although we were running a few minutes late, we packed up the cars and headed out to the sticks for some fireworks in Princeville! Ahh–God’s country!

OMG–there were SO many people. I was not expecting this.

I even ran into ONE person I knew–Alyssa…except I didn’t get my picture with her. I did get my picture with my 2 friends—Jessica and Jessica:

The people that put this shindig on go All. Out.

Skydivers? Really? Yep. Really.

It was super cool. And of course, there was awesome people watching. Who doesn’t love seeing a 4 year old digging through a cooler of beer?

I think that some of Peoria’s finest (AKA–the families of Peoria Notre Dame) and some of Peoria’s cheapest (AKA–the families who love anything free… AKA–ME!) were all represented at this giant gathering.

Oh yea, and what doesn’t scream Americana like tattoo’s??

Pretty bad ass. And then there was me…

I didn’t have a tattoo, but I did have plenty of Land Shark. Fins up!

And as you can see, it was getting a little dark…that means it was time for FIREWORKS!!

I think this next picture is my favorite.

Annnd one more firework picture…

And naturally, Jess and I missed the finale because we were inside using the bathroom. Woops.

But even though the fireworks were over, we weren’t ready to leave yet. Jim and Mark thought shotgunning a beer seemed suitable. (In honor of Jim and America’s birthday, of course!)

Hell yes! America!

I even got my picture with a member of the Bomb Squad–the dudes who are behind the scenes lighting off the explosives!

Say hi to Mike!

Ok! And one last picture of the night….walking back to the car!

Phew! A successful pre-4th-of-july party!! And an extremely long post!

So I kind of knocked 2 things out in this adventure–Ludy’s was wonderful. My parents (when they are being sweet bikers) ride to Ludy’s all the time–maybe I’ll head back with them some time. I will definitely be back for the Princeville fireworks. I wish I could tell you where exactly they are located…but I have no idea. Somewhere in Princeville?

There are more festive, Fourth of July activities happening today. Party in the USA!

Be safe!


Pssst! Ludy’s break down (Princeville fireworks were FREE!)

Cheeseburger: $5.15

Fries: $3.80

Bucket of 5 beers: $10.00 (I had 2 so really for me it was $4.00)

Total: $12.95

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