The Human Element at the Peoria Art Guild – 10/8/11

ZOMG. Guess who’s back? You don’t know? Well, it’s me..and I know I’ve been gone for quite awhile but I’m back and just a little worse for the wear. And are you mad that I’ve been away for a few months? Yes. (I’m just assuming) Do I care? Not really…. Why? Because you’re still reading this.

Anyway, I’m so excited about this post because it’s very close to my heart. This past weekend, my lovely sis hosted an art show at the Peoria Art Guild.

So Jen hasn’t had an art show in hot minute…and by hot minute I mean a hot 8 years…so naturally everyone in my family and the entire Peoria area was so pumped to hear that Jen would be participating in the Peoria Art Guild’s Color Series. The best part of this show? SHE DID A PAINTING OF YOURS TRULY!!!!!!

Before I unveil the masterpiece that is myself on a canvas, I’ll walk you through the show with some pictures I snapped on my iPhone (my dad still has the camera that I used in posts past).

When you walk in, check out the artists statement–it helps the exhibit make sense to us common folk. Here is a picture of my dad reading it to us before the show started:

 And my mom listening…

And there were snacks–which I am all about.

Before everyone got there I got some awesome pictures with the artist herself…

And a throw back (we did this “pose” at her first art show)…

Ok and before we get to the actual art part…here’s one of my proud father, my sister and I:

Also, that cow painting is my favorite, so if you want to buy it for me, I wouldn’t be mad.

Now lets get to what this whole post is about–the Human Element:

Does this painting look familiar?

Lets wrap this post up with me posing by my painting….

So attractive.

Jen’s stuff will be at the Art Guild in downtown Peoria through the end of the month (they’re open 9a to 5p Monday through Friday)–I strongly recommend swinging by to check it out when you get the chance. You can also find some of her work on Facebook.

Well I’m glad to be back. Hopefully I’ll be posting some more stuff in the future–not making any promises though!! I also need to brush up on my writing skills…and my jokes. I don’t feel funny.

See you around this fall!



No cost breakdown for this–because it was F-R-E-E!!!

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  1. Thanks for the big ups! Side note: it has been a hot minute, but an almost 7 year hiatus…not 8 (winky face emodicon)

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