Marshall-Putnam County Fair – 7/7/11

Are you happy to see me?? I’m back to write about some summer happenings. Nothing like being 6 months behind!! This post comes just in time for the first snow storm in Central Illinois…although I am writing remotely from my hotel in LA so I’m not feeling the frostbitten burn of cold weather–rather sunshine, smog and 75 degree weather.

Anyway, I was supposed to tell you about the Marshall-Putnam County Fair Demo Derby…but, per usual, I had one too many beers in the beer tent before the derby and skipped the whole dang derby. My bad. So instead I will tell you about the fair…and the food…and tractors…and my friends Allison and Lindsey who helped me with this adventure.

I need to clean my windows like woah. So before we were drawn to the beer tent like moths to a flame, we got stopped for some good old carnival food.

Now Gibby’s Grill didn’t offer funnel cakes in the shape of Jesus’ cross…But they definitely didn’t disappoint. I went with the classic brat, shared fries with Linds and Allison, and of course grabbed a beer in the beer tent…which is where we landed to enjoy our food.

Ah, home sweet home!

And you know they carded us first. Just keeping it legal, Henry!

But first, we cheers to the evening. Also, get used to Allison making that face. I guess she thought she was a T-Rex all night?

And it started getting dark…and the place started filling up with some of Marshall and Putnam County’s finest folks! While we missed the derby, we heard the whole thing–screeching tires, revved engines, things popping…honestly I have to say that I enjoyed the company of Lindsey and Allison more than watching rednecks smash crappy cars into each other.

And I guess at some point I left to grab us a funnel cake… It was delicious (I’m just assuming from Allison’s face because I actually don’t remember at all)

And I guess I liked it too!

Side note: Obviously since this post I have cut my hair even shorter–should I grow it back out to this Bieber-y look?

Anyway, I’m saying that I left the tent at some point because I ended up with two beer tent bracelets?

And before we left the tent to explore the rest of the fairgrounds, we had to get our little groups picture…duh!

Since this ain’t my first rodeo county fair, I knew exactly where I wanted to go next–the beef barn. Cows are absolutely my favorite animal! (You would think I would be a vegetarian)

These cows are living the life…covered barn, friends around, lots of fans blowing…it was like a Courtyard Marriott for Angus beef. While Allison and Lindsey don’t have a boner for beef and farms the way I do, they happily checked out the cattle with me as well as the goats….which we got yelled at while trying to take this photo:


So off to the fabulous display of tractors we went. There was quiet the spread of Case International Harvester combines…I was in love! The pictures speak for themselves…

OMG. Seriously? It was absolutely time to go home. Allison took the drivers seat for the way home. What a champ! She even listed to me tweak out about the blue lights in my car. She thought I was a stoner for sure.

So now I’m a little depressed and I wish it was summertime again…Well there are new adventures to be had and hopefully I will post again within the next 3-4 months! HA! Although this is motivating to make me be more active again…so maybe you will be hearing more from me! BOOM!

Stay classy Marshall/Putnam!


Psst! I have NO CLUE what I spent…probably not a lot. I have a feeling the MP was cheap cheap cheap….although if we would have actually gone to the derby, it would have cost us an additional $10-15.

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