Lunch Carts Downtown – 5/28

Hey y’all! I’m actually back, I wasn’t just a one hit wonder this time around! I’m actually writing this as I embark on a pretty extravegent adventure. Unlike this post that I’m writing, it has nothing to do with eating!

Today I’m going to tell you about a nice little lunch break I had earlier this week with my mom and her gym friend (and my new friend), Natalie! I’m all about lunch.. It’s my favorite meal of the day and I always love going out to lunch. Some of the best advice my other ever gave me was “never say no when someone asks you to go out to lunch.”  Simple advice but really good advice. 

I was actually the one who initiated the lunch invite between my mom, Natalie and I.. But that’s besides the point. We all met downtown because Natalie works at the CAT facility in downtown Peoria… So she kind of showed us the ropes since she frequents the carts. 

Due to our schedules we met at 11. And when I pulled into a spot downtown, one of my favorite songs came on and I knew it was going to be a glorious lunch hour.

There are all kinds of great local options for lunch… Crepes (we are going back for the crepes), Mexican, Korean, chops and hotdogs. I made the choice for Korean and my lunch buddies followed suit. 

I got a half order of the James Shin Special which is half Korean beef and half teriyaki chicken with rice and a Diet Pepsi. Excellent tip from Natalie–you can (and should) order half. Also Natalie and my mom ordered green beans with their lunch, but I just stuck to the protein and carbs. 

You don’t have to wait long for your food which was a good thing because I was starving. We looked for a shaded area and sat down to chow down and chat.   

 Aren’t they cute? You know what else is cute? My James Shin Special..  


Aren’t I so authentic with my chopsticks??

Lunch was delightful. I didn’t finish my Shin Special but can damn near close. I think my mom took some of hers back to work with her but ended up finishing it before the day was over.  
I cannot wait to try more of the carts on a beautiful day just like this one. It actually made me want to work at CAT downtown for like 2 seconds. There are still so many to try and I can’t wait to go back! Plus I made a new friend, Natalie! And beyond the food, it was just nice to get out and be in the fresh Peoria air!

Stay tuned for more to come on Monday because this next post is a doozey! Plus I promise to stop writing about places to eat and start writing about stuff to DO. 

See you next week, all four of my followers (75% of them being my family members đŸ™‚



James Shin Special with Diet Pepsi – $5

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