Uncle Bob’s – 6/3

As promised, weekly ice cream stops are becoming a thing. Thank goodness because then I don’t have to actually make dinner and I just eat ice cream instead. 

Melissa and I ventured to Eureka to check out Uncle Bob’s earlier this week before our walk. 

Eureka is surprisingly close to where I live and it was a very nice country drive..really made me feel like a small town girl for 12 minutes. 

Uncle Bob’s is located in the downtown area, just past the courthouse. It’s open until 10pm and wasn’t super busy. Now I know if I get a UB craving at 9:45pm, I can haul ass over to Eureka and still make it. 

When we parked and walked in, Melissa immediately noticed the large spoon that doubles as a door pull. I didn’t get a great photo of it, but she did mention her love for giant silverware many times throughout our visit. 

The ice cream selection is pretty good; but not 31 flavors like your typical Baskin Robbins. The quality definitely makes up for the fairly limited selection (especially compared to that crazy list at the Ice Cream Shack of Sunnyland. 


I immediately went to my go-to, cookie dough, but Melissa explored the flavors a bit more. And she landed on butter brickle. 

The next step was to choose our cones. I asked about the different choices because two looked super similar and I was confused. 

The choices were regular waffle cone, waffle cone dipped in chocolate, waffle cone dipped in chocolate then dipped in sprinkles and waffle cone hot off the press. I went with waffle cone hot off the press and Melissa had the waffle cone dipped in chocolate then dipped in sprinkles. 

Everything is handmade and hand dipped. So I actually got to see my cone come to life and Melissa’s chocolate dip with sprinkles was fresh. Each cone also comes with the standard 2 scopes. While we waited we looked around the shop and I got really pumped on their non-ice cream food. 

I am a total sucker for a chili cheese dog so I cannot wait to go back and try one out. 

We got our cones and headed outside to chill. It was actually kind of chilly but still a great night for ice cream. 

Obligatory ice cream shot:


Per the usual, I scarfed mine down pretty fast (it was my dinner, ok???) while Melissa took her time. One downside to the hot off the press cone is that it’s not as sturdy or crunchy as a regular cone. So there was one point that I literally ate my ice cream cone like a taco. I’m sad that I missed this particular photo op. Needless to say, it was a little messy but the shop girls let me wash up in their sink. 

We also had to get my usual pic by the sign before we left. 

(See I knew cookie dough would be a great choice :))

Melissa said she liked her butter brickle, and that it tasted about as expected and was a step up from your typical vanilla. My cookie dough was the shit. So good and super doughy which I really love. 

I can’t wait to go back…for both the ice cream and the chili cheese dog. Also major bonus for this place was a drive thru…is that a thing now?

See you soon…I’m checking out the Sculpture Walk later this afternoon!



A waffle cone with two scoops will cost you $5 (#worthit)

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