Sculpture Walk Peoria – 6/6

This is coming at ya a week late…sorry! I was out of town part of last week. 

Before I headed to Memphis, I checked out the Sculpture Walk in downtown Peoria. It kicked off with a 3 hour showing with the artists. From 3pm to 6:30pm last Saturday, I had the opportunity to check out the sculptures and chat with the artists.

It starts on the corner of Washington St and Harrison St…if you’re a moron with maps like I am, just google the Maxam building in Peoria and start there. 


These sculptures will be on display for a full year in downtown, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re near the riverfront! 

Here are some photos of my faves:

This one was especially special because the artist is married to my friend Sally! My mom and I both voted for this one as the People’s Choice!  
 I also really liked this one because the artist was super cool. Also I love ceramic animals and this looks like some that I have at my apartment (except a million times bigger).  


So I don’t think that this one is actually on the walk…but I included it anyway 🙂


This one was also special to my mom and I because my mom knows the artist, Fischer Stolz, AND he works at Bradley. Plus it was nice that he took a lot of time to talk to us about his inspiration for this piece. 




Obviously Linda and I had to get a quick selfie. 


This one was also a lot of fun because tons of people were climbing on it like it was a jungle gym. I did not climb it mostly because I was wearing a dress. #missedopportunity


Please take some time to check out the Sculpture Walk in downtown Peoria. It’s really cool and it’s really FREE!! Text me and I’ll go with you…mostly so I can climb up that red one. 

If you want more info, check out their website:

I’m hoping to be back again tomorrow with an ice cream post!



It’s not worth writing an additional post on this, so I’m just going to tell you about two things I checked out last week.. One was an amazing experience but has nothing to do with Peoria and the other was a total bust..

1. FedEx St. Jude Classic Danny Thomas ProAm: I had the opportunity to host a few amazing donors in Memphis last week and while I understand that not everyone would get this chance, I still wanted to share a few photos and prove why I was MIA for a week so are you ready for a photo dump?


2. Tremont Turkey Festival: My pal, Allison, had written about the Turkey Fest on my blog a few years ago, so I was going to check it out with my parents, sister, brother in law and niece… Just get a few turkey sandwiches, some pie and call it a night. Well I guess we got there too late because they literally ran out of turkey. What? Yes. You heard me correctly. The Turkey Festival ran out of turkey. All they had were turkey livers and gizzards. Uh no thanks. We left and went to Bernardis. And I got this one photo: 

Sorry Tremont, I’m over you.  
In other news, I did go see Spy and Jurassic World and both are worth the $13. I also went to a really fun St. Jude event in Yates City which I’ll hopefully tell you about next year because I didn’t take many photos mostly because my hands were always full with two beers. 

Ok bonus material over. 🙂

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