Bike Ride & Frozen Spoon – 6/16

After taking a week off from the ice cream tour, Melissa and I were back at it! This time was a little bit different because we decided to take a little bike ride first!

We started at Melissa’s house and biked through a few neighborhoods.

  Look mom! No hands!

We biked for awhile before heading to Frozen Spoon, which is located inside Michael’s Italian Feast in Germantown Hills.

The selection isn’t huge, but Melissa and I found something we both liked. I got Heaps of Love which was a combination of cookie dough, brownies, caramel and other things of the sort. Melissa went with Superman which looked so gross in my opinion..but she says its a mix of vanilla, cherry and blue moon (not the beer, the ice cream flavor).

Here is the usual pic of us with our treats.

  Once we finished up, we rode our bikes over to my parents house where I dropped mine off because I was tired of carrying it around in the back of my car and we headed back to Melissa’s house…Melissa on her bike and me walking. It took us forever. 🙂

Anyway, while I did enjoy ice cream for dinner again, Melissa and I were a smidge disappointed by the selection. It was still a great little evening and a nice ice cream place in Germantown Hills.

I’m not sure what will be coming up next…but stay tuned because I’m sure it’ll be great! (I hope it’ll be great!)


Costs: 2 ice cream cones cost me $6.24… So $3.12 each if you get one scoop in a sugar cone.

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