It all started when my coworker pointed out the “land lighthouse” out in the distance in Peoria Heights on our way home from the airport. I told her that I have always wanted to climb to the top of whatever that thing is. She said I should write about all of the cool things that Peoria/Central Illinois has to offer. I’m taking her up on that–What does Central Illinois REALLY have to offer a 20-something?
Anyway, on to more important things–like talking about myself! I’m Tina Pizzuti (TP, get it?? heh) and I’m going to be your trusty tour guide as we explore hidden trails, unleash my golden retriever at the dog park, dine at cute local restaurants, check out community theater productions and hit up every single ice cream joint within a 20 mile radius!
I’ve scoured local newspapers, websites and info boards for fun and cheap things to do to fill my spare time this summer. I thought this would be a really great opportunity for me to get out in the community and spend some quality time with my fellow Midwesterners!
I hope you have fun exploring Central Illinois with me. Hit me up at any time if you have any suggestions of things I should do or try. I’m excited to start this journey with you!


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