Lou’s Drive-In–6/13/11

Well since I wasn’t able to hit up Lou’s 2 weeks ago….I had every intention of going to Lou’s Drive-In over my lunch hour with some friends–oops, I forgot that I had to attend a FOUR HOUR MEETING from noon until 4pm. So I convinced my adorable parents to hit up Lou’s with me for dinner. They graciously accepted and I secretly knew that this would be another blog post that I wouldn’t have to pay for. Win!

Anyway, my parents and I loaded up my car (psh, they made ME drive) and headed off to Peoria to visit Lou’s Drive-In for dinner.

As soon as we pulled up, our carhop came right to our window and handed us menus. After perusing the menu for about 2 seconds we decided what we wanted. My dad ordered the tenderloin basket (which included the sandwich, fries and a rootbeer), my mom got a cheeseburger and I got a double cheeseburger basket (my mom and I shared the fries and we each got our own rootbeer.) Apparently the rootbeer was a MUST TRY item on the menu–it’s homemade! So after we ordered, I got a chance to take some pictures of Lou’s as well as catch up on my Drive-In etiquette–like turning off your headlights and only turning them on when you need the attention of the carhop. Anyway, here are some pictures of Lou’s

It’s pretty much your all American drive-up! So old skool.

And then I came back to the car for a photo-op

(those are my parents, if you were curious)

(and that’s me–a really attractive picture of me, might I add)

And finally after a little bit of waiting, we got our food!! So naturally, we cheers’d with our rootbeers and dug in.

We didn’t get any pictures of our actual food–imagine juicy cheeseburgers and a crispy tenderloin…And whoever told me that I HAD to get the rootbeer (I think it was my dad) was right–it was awesome! We drank it all up.

Isn’t that window-latchy-tray thing awesome?

And we were done after our dinner? Nope! We’re Pizzuti’s and we’re bottomless pits. We ordered some fresh popcorn to go for the ride home.

The popcorn was a perfect treat for the ride home and a great “dessert” to our meal.

I loved Lou’s because I feel like it’s one of the only true drive-in’s left in the area. It was also great spending time with my parents and although we just ate cheeseburgers, going to Lou’s felt more like an experience rather than just another place to eat dinner. My mom and I want to come over our lunch hour just for the popcorn and rootbeer.

Thank goodness I had a more active TP the Town activity tonight to help me burn off that double cheeseburger. Stay tuned!


Psst! This adventure wasn’t free–that would be called stealing

Tenderloin basket: $5.85

Cheeseburger: $3.65

Double cheeseburger basket: $6.00

1 Rootbeer (the other 2 were included in the baskets): $1.50

Medium popcorn: $2.15

Total: $19.15 (although Mike and Linda paid for me…except I did drive and gas ain’t cheap)


  1. Tina – so loving your blog. This is a great idea. You can find me here: http://lifewithoutane.wordpress.com
    I live less than a mile from Lou’s and have yet to go there this summer. Might I suggest you write about Steamboat this weekend. I could get you some VIP access in the morning before the race if you’d like to watch from the Gateway Building and take pictures. Let me know.

  2. I though you and your parents were drinking beers in the parked car! And I thought, “AWESOME!”

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