Lunar Eclipse/Hot Tub–6/15/11

Do you know how awful my week has been? No? Ok, well we can talk about that later. Last night I needed to chill and since I didn’t really have anything on the agenda for TP the Town (yet ANOTHER freakin’ long meeting which interfered with a blogging activity) so my parents brought it to my attention that a lunar eclipse was happening last night and that we should all kick it in theirhot tub and watch it all go down. I guess I didn’t realize that we wouldn’t be able to view it here in North America nor would there really be anything to look at–whatever, any excuse to get in the hot tub on a cooler summer evening was good enough for me. So we headed out to our Lunar viewing digs.

We even brought Barn for the party!

Clearly he isn’t much of a party animal.

The deck looked pretty sweet though…

Note to self: Get a camera that takes better pictures at night.

And of course, we had to get a picture of each of us in the Lunar viewing party.

Nerds much? You can thank my mom 🙂

Annnnnd we were done.

Anyway, clearly we truly had no intentions of staying out in the hot tub to “watch” the Lunar Eclipse, but it did give me something to write about today! Win! Also I wanted to mention that as I was talking to my dad about this post, he said “Well I don’t want people thinking they can just pop over to our house whenever they want to get into our hot tub.” I assured him that none of you would do so–but if you want to, hit me up 😉

I promise that my “event” tonight is legit–none of this fake lunar eclipse and excuses for sitting in our hot tub to have something to write about.

See ya, P-funk!


Psst! This was free–unless you count buying a hot tub as a cost.

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